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Patent pending EZform System consists of the EZform board, EZdowel, EZbasket, and EZedge.
“It seems expensive.”
It’s not specified in my construction documents.”
“It seems more complicated than your competitor’s.”
“Now what do I do with the forms after the slab has been cast?”
The World’s Easiest Concrete Forming System

The EZform™ Dowel System was designed to save concrete contractors time and money while simplifying the process of creating large slabs-on-grade, and other concrete floors where joint forming and load transfer is critical. The EZdowel load transfer system was designed to meet strict construction standards, and meets the latest ACI-360 (R-22) guidelines. Patent pending elements of the system include: the reusable EZform™board, the EZdowel™ load transfer plate dowel, EZedge™, and the EZbasket™.

The EZform System saves owners and contractors money by eliminating many costly on-site labor tasks associated with large SOG projects.

Eliminated tasks:
• On-site sawing to create chamfer
• Measuring for dowel holder alignment
• Nailing dowel holders
• Repairing crushed or paste filled dowel holders
• Repairing cracks associated with misaligned dowels/dowel holders
• Cleaning excessive aggregate leakage under form

• Reusable with Pre-cut chamfer.
• Pre-cut dowel slots assure proper dowel alignment at all times.
• Available in lengths up to 16’, and true dimensional sizes between 4” and 8” (or custom heights).

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• Compressible edge banding for lateral movement.
• Simple one-step one-way installation.
• Provides 20% more steel in the higher stress areas of a construction joint (compared to other plate dowels)

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• Allows the slab to move horizontally in both directions
• Is a more efficient use of steel when used in the “strategic reinforcement” design
• Provides an eight- or four -inch saw-cut construction tolerance

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• Concrete edge protection system is shipped pre-mounted on the EZform™ board for simplified installation.
• Features a specially designed
elastomer between the steel plates providing compressibility and elongation for concrete movement.

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