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How is UltraCure different from other wet curing methods?
Why is it important for the blanket to absorb water?
“Why is it important for the curing blanket to absorb water?”

Wet curing blankets that readily absorb water provide a more even curing environment for the entire curing period. UltraCure brand curing blankets are developed to hold more water for longer durations than any other single-use curing blanket. The water absorbed by the blanket’s super absorbent fibers is held there until the slab requires additional hydration. As the slab cures, the concrete will actually pull water from the blanket (as needed) creating a more even cure for the entire slab, and reducing discoloration caused by uneven curing. Curing blankets that do not retain moisture for the entire curing period have no reservoir for the concrete to pull from and tend to create surfaces that have greater discoloration.

As the UltraCure blanket absorbs water, it also becomes weighted and wicked to the slab surface meaning the blanket lays flat, resists wind and other external factors, and helps prevent other contaminants from reaching the slab surface. The initial bond can prevent the onset of air pockets that can lead to differential hydration



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