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Ez Cover Training
To achieve optimal performance of the UltraCure™ product line, it is essential that proper installation techniques are performed. The online version of the installation procedures are below. For a printer friendly version of the instructions, Click Here to download a PDF. Note: you will need the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader. Click Here to download Acrobat if needed.
Step One: Placement
After all slab prep work has been completed, and the slab (flooring) is cured and dry, unroll the desired amount
of EZcoverTM floor covering and place where needed. Install the cover “soft” side down and “hard” side up.

Step Two : Cutting and Shaping
If necessary, cut the EZcoverTM pad with heavy duty serrated shears to conform to angles and edges

Step Three : Tape Edges
Place rolled out sections of EZcoverTM side-by-side and abutted at the edges. To avoid trip and fall hazards,
properly tape down the abutted sections (all edges and corners) with an owner approved non residue industrial
grade adhesive tape. Avoid edges and ends which may curl if not taped properly.

Step Four : Repair
If any section of the protective covering becomes ripped, torn, excessively soiled or damaged, cut away the
undesired area, and replace it with a new section of EZcoverTM, then tape down the new seam.

Step Five: Reuse
If reusing or moving a section of EZcoverTM from one area of the slab (flooring) to another, carefully inspect the
used portion prior to second use to avoid spreading contaminates from one area to another.

Step Six: Disposal
Because EZcoverTM is a cellulose based product, it is biodegradable and landfill friendly. Simply discard used
sections of the covering along with other typical construction debris.


*Keep away from fire and flame.
*Product is designed for indoor usage, store in a cool dry place.
*Always use proper PPE (personal protective equipment) when working with the EZcoverTM blanket.
*Although EZcoverTM is designed to help protect flooring from typical spills and impacts, care should always
be used when working in/around completed flooring to avoid potential damages.
*No warranties implied or otherwise are given for the usage of this product.

For additional information contact: McTech Group, Inc. 770-913-8363 / 1-866-913-8363



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