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Below are downloadable technical papers for the PolarCure™ concrete insulating blanket. Note: you will need the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.Click Here to download Acrobat if needed.

Material Specification:
Polarcure™ insulation blankets by McTech Group, Inc. are thick natural cellulose fibers sandwiched by one layer of
reflective coated polyethylene (one surface only) and one layer of black polyethylene. PolarCure is available in standard 8’ x 30’ rolls.

The natural cellulose fabric in these insulation blankets consists of airlaid cellulose fibers with a target basis weight of 340 grams per square meter and a target thickness of 10 mm/ply. The outside layers consist of a clear blend of LLDPE and conventional LDPE copolymers. The film exhibits good impact strength, with balanced tensile and elongation properties.

The edges of the insulation blankets are continuous ultrasonic sealed with eyelets spaced periodically.

The excellent “R” value reduces the energy consumption for curing concrete by preventing the heat of hydration from the curing concrete from escaping into the atmosphere.

PolarCure insulation blankets are stored in rolls and can easily be re-rolled for future use. If the polyethylene outer layers are damaged, simply tape over the damaged area using a waterproof tape. No need for sewing or factory repair.

Material Specification
Installation Instructions
Safety Policy


PolarCure insulation blankets can be laid over the concrete curing blanket directly after the curing blanket installation. Overlap the edges in a manner that does not allow gaps in the insulation. After the curing period has expired, remove the PolarCure insulation blanket by rolling up in the eight-foot direction. Keep stored in a dry location.



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